Clear-floor Two Post Lift

1,00 ر.ق

  • Lift tonnage 4.0 tons
  • Maximum height 1960 mm
  • Lifting time 50 seconds to full height
  • Landing time 30 seconds
  • Max width 304.2 cm
  • Column height 390 cm
  • Motor capacity 3 hp / 220 volts

Clear-floor Two Post Lift

  • High-quality lift specifications with Italian design technology
  • Manufactured from high-quality laser-cut steel segments with high corrosion resistance
  • Double hydraulic lifting system, 2 pistons, and steel chainstays
  • A mechanical safety system that works automatically with the hook system and the inserted teeth
  • One side lock works on both sides
  • The possibility of controlling the loading height according to the type of vehicle (low-rise cars – four-wheel drive cars)
  • Hydraulic piston parts are manufactured on high-speed CNC lathes to ensure a product with superior manufacturing precision.
  • Free Floor system for a floor without any obstacles
  • A roof Protection system to protect the car’s roof by means of a built-in safety arm
  • Japanese-made seals – side rubber pads to protect car doors
  • Static endurance test up to 6 tons – Dynamic endurance test up to 4.6 tons
  • High-quality electrostatic paint that is corrosion resistant


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