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Car Services – Infininty Qatar
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Car Services

  • Infinity Car Services established in 2018 specializes in professional car repair and maintenance services. Our services are driven by professional mechanics and auto-electrical experts that specialize in various aspects of auto repair. Our teams have vast experience and access to leading-edge auto diagnostic and repair tools for servicing American, German, and Japanese vehicles.
  • Given our partnerships with global vehicle manufacturing companies, we can access quality spare parts for repair jobs at reasonable prices. That is why Infinity Cars Services delivers faster and cost-efficient car repairs and maintenance works.
  • With our options of one-off and contract-based long-term repairs and maintenance services, customers can choose the service that serves their objectives without long-term commitments. Besides fixing your car issues, our service helps detect and fix potential problems to prevent costly repairs and keep your vehicle working optimally.

what we offer :

  •  Routine Maintenance: Checking and changing engine oils & transmission fluids, and much more.
  • Mechanical Repairs: General repairs of faults relating to engine, transmission, performance issues, parts replacement, and much more.
  • Auto-Electrical Repairs: Troubleshooting auto-electricals such as air-conditioning, lighting, and much more.
  • Chassis Maintenance:  Check and repair under chassis.


  •     Experienced Staff: Our mechanics and auto-electrical technicians are highly trained with extensive experience.
  •    Hi-Tech Powered Services: We use the latest technology for automobile diagnosis and repairs.
  •    Versatility: Our workshop handles repairs of European, American, and Japanese cars.
  •    One-Stop Solution: Resolve automobile mechanical, electrical, and chassis problems in one place.
  •   Excellent Customer Service: We provide an outstanding customer experience for every project we handle.

About Infinity

Our mission is to make our customers and their families safer on the road through our high quality service and advice we provide. We provide our customers with a true sense of trust and peace of mind.

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